Mushroom House Coloring Page (C0023)

Fairy Mushroom House coloring page by My Mind's Eye Art.

Mushroom houses are magical and cute!

Who lives inside this sweet little fairycore cottage? Let your imagination run wild while you color in this whimsical fairy garden coloring page.

This coloring page is filled with flowers, butterflies, shamrocks, mushrooms, and a snail.

This is perfect for people who love fairy gardens.

Print out this coloring page with your printer. Then color it in with your favorite coloring pencils or markers.

Coloring in pictures a relaxing way to explore your creativity.

Here an example of the Mushroom House colored in:

Mushroom House coloring page.  Colored in.  By My Minds Eye art.

I used these art supplies:

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Colored Pencils:

Prismacolor Soft Core Pencils

Blender Pencil:

Prismacolor Colorless Blender

Alcohol Markers:

White Highlights:


9×12″ Canson watercolor paper cut down to fit in the printer.

Printed on an HP Deskjet printer

Here’s a time-lapse of me coloring this page in:

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